Large Pork Meat Cuts Mug

Large Pork Meat Cuts Mug
A large 500ml bone china mug, with bold ‘Beef Cuts’ diagram design and ‘Beef’ text. Hand decorated in Stoke on Trent. Ideal for foodies, meat lovers and anyone interested in where their food comes from. Supplied in it’s own gift box. Cookware, bakeware and dinnerware collection for all your needs, cookware sets include skillets, all pans, chef’s pan, crepe pans, sauté pans, specialty cookware, steamers, stock & pasta pots, saucepans, multipots & pasta pots, cookware accessories, pressure cookers, dutch ovens, canning, teakettles, woks & stir-fry pans, grill pans, pot racks, griddles, roasting pans, double boilers, fondue, toaster oven cookware, braisers, disposable cookware, casseroles, bakers, sauciers, lids, our bakeware products for baki

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