Denby Halo Teacup 0.2L

Denby Halo Teacup 0.2L
Denby’s Halo is made in England using locally sourced clay, each piece of Halo is handcrafted using pottery skills passed down through generations. Denby hand applies two glazes which merge together to create an effect, unique only to Denby. Anyone who owns Denby will tell you how versatile it is and how good it feels. Every piece has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food from the gravy rim on our plates to the space on our saucers for biscuits. Our tableware is made for real food, not just for show. Its for sharing, for fingers, for chopsticks, for barbeques, for kitchensyou choose. Denby can handle itself in the busiest kitchens. From the smallest cup to the biggest casserole, all our pieces can be used with confidence in the

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